Welcome to GRG’s global careers site.

We’re the business behind the everyday transactions that make life easier. We’re here when you take your cash from the cashpoint, when you pay at the supermarket, when you buy tickets or check in at the airport.

Are you looking for exciting career opportunities in a fast growing company ?

GRG would be the right place for you. We’re always looking for great talents to help us grow our business all around the world.

Why work for GRG?

GRGBanking is a leading provider of currency recognition and cash processing solutions with great potential and rapid development. We have proven our success in China market as the market leader for 6 consecutive year and we never stop exploring global market.

We have the biggest ATM manufacturing center and ATM R&D centre in Asia Pacific. Great support from our headquarter enables you to help us win in global market.

What we have achieved in global market?

GRG is the No. 1 ATM supplier in China and a top 6 player in the global market. GRG's products and solutions are widely used in over 70 countries and regions worldwide, with over 168,000 machines providing reliability, security and convenience to over 10 million people on a daily basis.


GRG's comprehensive solutions have been widely used in Finance, Telecom, CIT, Railway and Retail sectors. Satisfied with the 24/7 fast response, our global clients are receiving technical support, innovative solutions and industrial professional knowledge transmission from over 9,400 employees throughout the world.


We offer our Employees an award-winning work environment, challenging career development programs, global opportunities and the chance to work with some of the best and brightest people all around the world.

What we could offer?

We have advanced products in the industry and we are a fast growing company with growing revenue and great market potential globally. We offer attractive annual salary package. There are huge career development opportunities with no ceiling.

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