Creating a Globalized Company, Building a World-Leading Brand

- Mark Yip, Managing Director, GRGBanking Equipment Co., Ltd.


Weathered a lot in more than ten years of baptism and growth, GRGBanking has formed an excellent operation pattern which is operated coordinately within R&D, manufacturing, sales, services and   management. We strive to be leader of the ATM market, the leader of high-tech and the advocator of high-quality services, so as to provide more secure, stable and reliable products, as well as more quality services for our customers.

We are dedicated to provide the most competitive products and services for customers worldwide by firmly focusing on the Management Philosophy, i.e., “Performance guiding, opportunity seizing,  resources utilizing with continuous improvement, full participation and mutual balance”. We are the most trustworthy global partner with excellent performance in the market of ATM equipment, AFC equipment, financial managed service, intelligent cash sorting and non-banking fields.

In the future, we will focus on customers as usual, advance to the vision of ”To Become A Global Leading Provider of Currency Recognition and Processing Solutions”. We will continue to further  improve our comprehensive strength to to establish a globalized company and to build a long lasting brand.

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