GRG is fully aware of the importance of environment protection and is committed to ensuring sustainable development for the local community and society. Accredited to the ISO9000, ISO14001, QC080000 and RoHS, GRG promotes environment-friendly manufacturing procedures and is constantly striving to improve its green credentials.

Social Responsibility

GRG is proud of our record in developing our corporate social responsibilities, supporting various social charities and participating in important national events, such as giving donation to children in the poor areas and financial aid to regions suffered from the natural disaster. 

People Foremost

Our working practices provide a safe and secure working environment and we encourage staff career development and progression through a strong and ongoing training program. Our unique corporate culture respects and appreciates every staff's talents, and also encourages and develops a "can do attitude" to customer care by focusing on fast-response, customer-oriented team work. 

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