GRG R&D Institute is facilitated with over 20 laboratories, which monitor and verify the quality of all GRG products. With more than 800 engineers engaged in core Research & Development and three test centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the R&D Institute has independently developed more than 40 core modules, and applied over 1,200 patents. GRG are one of the few players who own the key technology for currency recognition and cash processing in the world.  

Product quality has always been the cornerstone of GRG. To achieve this, GRG operates to the strictest standards and requirements required by the industry with inspection throughout the manufacturing process and at finished product stage.


Being one of the core members of CEN/XFS and ATMIA, GRG has developed strategic partnerships with some world-famous companies to improve holistic competitiveness. GRG fully complies with the major international industry standards such as ISO, PCI, EMV, UL, FCC, CE, CEN, CB, RCM and RoHS.


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