Myanmar International ICT Exhibition 2014

GRGBanking will participate "Myanmar International ICT Exhibition 2014" with its partner MIT to showcase cutting-edge solutions including the intelligent cash recycler H68NL and banknote sorting machine CM400.
Date: Nov 7-9, 2014.
Location: Tatmadaw Exhibition Hall, Yangon, Myanmar
Booth No.: A4
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FI Forum 2014

For the first time GRGBanking will participate in the event ”FI Forum 2014” in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, which is one of the major events in the banking industry.
In the event, GRGBanking will showcase its innovative solutions like the versatile cash dispenser H22N series, the intelligent cash recycler H68N series and a new design concept for self-service machines. The so called H68NX is equipped with two screens. One of them can be used for video conferencing or presenting advertisements.
It will be highlighted in the event that GRGBanking’s product are able to improve the cash processing efficiency, move toward more customer-centric banking, as well as provide more value-added service to the customers. GRGBanking is the new alternative for self-service automation in the market.
Hendrik Eckholt, General Manager of German subsidiary GRG Deutschland GmbH, will be present in the event.
Date: Nov 18-20, 2014.
Location: Messe Frankfurt, Hall 11.1, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
GRG Booth No.: P-17
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AITEC Banking & Mobile Money West Africa LAGOS 2014

GRGBanking will participate in the event ”AITEC Banking & Mobile Money West Africa LAGOS 2014” in Nigeria and showcase the cash recycler H68NL, which shift heavy counter transactions and frequent cash replenishment to self-service and self-replenishment zone. Christopher Holroyd, Regional Sales Director of Africa together with Heidi Hoo, Regional Project Director of Africa from GRGBanking will be present in the event.
Date: Jul 15-16, 2014.
Location: Eko Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria
GRG Booth No.: A3
For more information://

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