E300L is a cost-effective cash dispenser mainly designed for low transaction venues, built to comply with all industry standards of a banking level ATM, including ADA, PCI EPP, UL and Triple DES. Low cost of ownership, high visibility and easy accessibility together with the ergonomic and extended revenue-generating design make E300L an ideal choice for low traffic areas.

Minimized TCO
E300L is featured with small footprint and reliable performance and requires very low investment, which significantly reduces purchasing and operation cost and generate least total cost of ownership.

Optimized Design
ADA standard compliance, ergonomic fascia and small footprint design increase customer satisfaction and optimize users' operation experience.

High Reliability & Performance
High speed and capacity cash dispenser, unique offline diagnostic unit and large volume paper roll of receipt printer minimize down-time and maximize the availability for service.

Rapid ROI
E300L's large topper screen offers an ideal advertising channel, instantly providing a broad range of functionalities in a small footprint and generating revenue for ATM owners.

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