Successful Cases of GRG Banking for International Cooperation selected by the Belt and Road Forum


On the eve of Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, the Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, Economic Daily and the other news media reported the Belt and Road successful cases of GRGBanking, the China manufacturer of intelligent financial equipment. The reporters interviewed Mark Yip, the Managing Director of GRG Banking to learn about its current situations and international cooperation status.


Synchronously, Le Monde, News China and the other overseas media also reported this case. The whole story of China Daily and the journal of Forum together were placed in the main venue and hotel for reading.


GRG Banking Equipment Co., Ltd. that focuses on ATMs and CSRs R&D and manufacturing, has established over 10 branches worldwide to expand its global scale. By 2016 the products could be seen at 1,200 banks in more than 80 countries and regions. The proper prices and good service have won it strong market shares in Turkey and Cuba, which had been normally dominated by European producers before.


"We insist on a deeper localization of overseas branches with a real concern for the company's contribution to the local society, by exchange in technology and improvement of employment," said Mark Yip.


"Trade must bring benefits to people. The Belt and Road is not only about export or infrastructural construction, but for companies to settle down there and be accepted." he added.


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