GH Bank Launches the First Batch of GRGBanking Recyclers P5800L in Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand, 31 May, 2017 - The Government Housing Bank (GH Bank), one of the best Housing Solution Bank of Thailand, launched 10 bulk cash recyclers, P5800L, product of GRGBanking in its branches.


P5800L, or what GH Bank called as LRM, is a compact size cash recycling machine, which enables flexible settings of cash deposit, withdraw, cash sorting, serial number tracking, card reading and receipt printing.


By inheriting reliable performance and cost-effective functionality of GRGBanking’s recycler, the P5800L is newly designed machine that requires less cash replenishment volume, and reduce CIT cost and significantly cuts down the total cost of ATM owner. P5800L contains the core module that independently developed and manufactured by GRGBanking, its processing speed is 8 notes per second, up to 4 cassettes each support 3000 notes. It is an ideal solution for branches and retailers that suffered from heavy cash transactions. With the fashionable appearance, this machine can greatly enhance the banking brand and bring users a much better experience.


During the GH Bank launch ceremony, an executive in charge of the project told the reporter,GH Bank will focus on transformation to Digital Services, so we will use LRM as a new opportunity to an epoch of full function. Firstly GH Bank will bring LRM to 5 branches such as Futurepark Rangsit (2 machines), big C Suksawat (1 machine), Fashion Island (2 machines), as well as other branches.”


“In the future, the bank will install more LRM around BTS and department stores.” He added.


Besides China, P5800 series has been applied in South Africa, Nigeria, Malaysia, Mexico, Iran, Thailand, etc. More and more clients and banks choose to trust GRGBanking, and be long-term user of our products and services.


About GH Bank

GH Bank was created on January 9, 1953. The Bank focuses on efficiently providing housing loans to low-and-middle income people through state-of-the-art information systems and effective management. The Bank also supports government policies to reduce social disparity and enhance opportunities to access government services.


About GRGBanking

GRGBanking, a leading provider in cash processing solutions, GRGBanking specializes in the development & manufacturing of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) for financial institutions and retailers, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) devices for railway or underground systems, as well as other currency recognition and cash processing equipment, modules and systems for over 20 years. Meanwhile, GRG’s various software solutions and comprehensive services are widely used in both financial and non-financial industries, such as retail, cash-in-transit, parking, postal, telecom, etc.

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