The first Chinese Facial Recognition Boarding System was jointly launched by GRGBanking, China Southern Airlines and Baidu


At the Nanyang Airport, passengers passed through the boarding strobe with facial recognition solution.

“You could pass through the strobe and board within seconds without showing the boarding pass and ID card, it’s so convenient!”

“It’s the very first time to board in this way and it is faster than check the tickets by staff!”

On June 28th 2017, the first Chinese Intelligent Facial Recognition Boarding System was jointly launched in Nanyang Airport by GRGBanking, China Southern Airlines and Baidu, symbolizing Chinese civil aviation industry has officially entered the “Face-Boarding” era. Lots of passengers were invited to experience this innovative boarding system.

A large number of reporters and passengers got the first taste of Face-Boarding. When passengers arrive at the gate after security check and face to the camera while passing through the self-service strobe, the facial recognition system would automatically connects to the camera and start face matching with the passengers list without boarding passes and IDs. If the match succeeds, passengers can pass the strobe within seconds.


The machine drew in large crowds and reporters.


This facial recognition intelligent boarding system is a joint construction of GRGBanking, China Southern Airlines and Baidu, which integrates the most advanced artificial intelligence biometric technologies, intelligent security checking auxiliary means as well as efficient self-service check-in equipment. The facial recognition solution has run through the process of APP installation, security check and boarding. Not only does it make the security check and boarding process more scientific and reasonable, but it also provide passengers with a more convenient flight experience. “This system is bound to save human resources for the airline companies and reduce the number of attendants at the boarding gate, which helps airline companies place manpower on other more important aspect so as to provide more considerable services for the passengers.” said China Southern Airlines.


As the key to the first facial recognition intelligent boarding system in China, the facial recognition gate system is developed by Chinese intelligent financial technology enterprise, GRGBanking. “This system has high recognition rate and speedy response. It can effectively improve the safety level for passengers and bring them efficient, intelligent and convenient experience at the airport.” Said the product manager of GRGBanking. With the integration of hardware and software as well as computer vision recognition technology, this system formed a deep fusion with the airport security system and boarding system. Moreover, combined with the security checks and boarding process, the system adopted the top facial recognition algorithm of the industry so that it can complete the identification during the security checking and boarding at a rapid speed.


Mr. Wang, who has just experienced this new service, said: “This boarding way is much faster than before and it is so convenient. I carried lots of luggage but i didn’t have to bother to find my boarding pass, all i have to do was let the machine scan my face when i arrived at the boarding gate. This is so interesting and magical!”


It is known that China Southern Airlines is the first airline company in China to use facial recognition technology to provide boarding service, who also possesses a leading position in the world. Based on the preliminary test results, the system is running well and providing good services. “In the future, this system will be widely used in different fields of China Southern Airlines, such as check-in, luggage checking, security checking, boarding and so on. Passengers will be able to experience the convenient service via self-service, which is extremely time-saving.”  Said the head of China Southern Airlines.  


Why are airline companies so “obsessed” with biometric technologies? Some experts in the industry have pointed out that the use of biometric identification technologies such as human face, iris and finger veins can effectively help airlines improve the customer experiences. Meanwhile, with the application of other cutting-edge technologies in the industry like global cloud computing, big data, internet and artificial intelligence, the way people travel will become more convenient and intelligent.


In the field of intelligent transportation, as an important partner for China Southern Airlines, GRGBanking is committed to facilitating the human travel experience with innovative technologies such as biometric recognition, mobile internet and big data. Furthermore, GRGBanking has devoted itself to providing global customers with services of the highest quality, products of best experience and overall solutions of intelligent scene so as to promote the application of biological recognition, big data and artificial intelligence technology in various field worldwide. 

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