GRGBanking’s Product i58 Awarded “China Red Star Design Award”, the Top Industrial Design Award in China


Beijing, China, Dec.9, 2017 – GRGBanking was announced by the China Red Star Design Award Committee that i58 Cash Recycling Machine has been awarded the “China Red Star Design Award”, the top industrial design award in China. The selection of this award’s winner is determined by a unanimous vote of 171 professional design masters coming from 17 countries, Germany, Italy, the United States and China, etc. i58 stands out from more than 10, 000 competing products and wins the prize.


The intelligent and compact size cash recycler i58 designed and developed by GRGBanking independently. In order to meet the needs of the bank’s transformation and the habits of users, GRGBanking attaches great importance to the development and design of products. In this process, designers are constantly improving the design scheme and studying the details of the product. The bright color and the smooth design outlook which let i58 different from the traditional ATMs, especially the vertical screen design. This screen can be set to a single screen for the operation interface or it can be divided into two screens with different functions according to the needs. This design can not only meet the diversified needs of the bank customers, but also improve experience for the users.


As an intelligent and compact size cash recycling machine, besides high-quality appearance, simple and convenient operation is also important. The i58 has been applied to many banks in China and abroad such as Bank of Communications, China Construction Bank, Hebei Nong Xin and many other banks, providing convenient financial services for more than 20 countries and cities.

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