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With the self-service channel in financial service becoming more and more pervasive, the profit and brand reputation of financial institution are more dependent than ever on the technology solutions. As a leading provider of cash processing technology, GRGbanking is striving to offer our customers and partners a world-class support, responsive service as well as customized solutions for optimized operation.


GRGbanking has established the widest ATM service network in China and a number of service centers overseas. Our industry-leading technical supports are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and include:


1. Software-engineering service: With years of experience in software engineering services, our highly skilled professionals are ready to provide you a wide range of software service covers  multi-vendor terminal software, system security software, monitoring software, remote distribution and management software, and offer software engineering service includes software customization, function development, system integration and software upgrade & version management.

2. Customer support services: To help you to grow your business, our dedicated Customer support team focus on offering you world-class remote or on-site customer support solutions, which include hardware and software support, Technical consultancy, troubleshooting, first line /second line maintenance, preventive maintenance, random inspection, reporting analysis service and etc..

3. Spare parts service: We understand that even the smallest parts can bring your entire system to a halt. So we've built a spare parts service that provides you an optimum supply of spare parts.

4. Knowledge service: In order to keep you updated with the latest development in the industry and simplify your operations, our knowledge services cover a wide range of technical and managerial training, tailored training courses, practice-oriented seminars, document service, consultation, and online learning opportunities.


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